High(est) point, Costa Rica

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Halfway point Mamcam sighting (x2)
Fellow hikers
Base Camp, 11,100ft.
Los Crestones, towering rock formations Pareidolia - do you see what I see?
El "páramo" - high altitude tropical region above the timberline. Shrubby. 4:30am at the peak!
Check out the big dipper scooping out a helping of fiery sunrise.Osa mayor en el fondo vomitando el fuego de la mañana
Sunrise 5am! Amanacer a las 5!
Hey, this looks like... southern Idaho.   
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Description: Cerro Chirripó, 12,533ft/3,820m. Lindísima... beautiful! 19km/12mile, ~7,500ft/2000m ascent!
Location: Cerro Chirripo

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