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Cover concept

The current writing project I am working on is a summary based on my six months of living in the La Carpio shantytown. During my time there I wrote extensive notes, reflections, journal entries, and compiled some formal academic research as well. This book is an attempt to make those experiences and the La Carpio community accessible to readers.

Nearly everything in the book is true… but not all of it. I rearranged events, fudged some details, renamed people, and misattributed some stories in part to maintain some level of anonymity but also just to have a narrative progression throughout the book. The information about the La Carpio community, though, is entirely true and verifiable. This compilation is fiction, then, based on true experiences, condensed into an accessible format. Elsewhere I have written and compiled factual research that is accurate and can be cited.

Another section of my website is devoted to stories about living in La Carpio. It also includes a useful bibliography of publications about La Carpio, and a collection of my original research and documentation.

I will be making the book available in sections until it is complete, after which I will provide a link to purchase a print version of the book. I’d be honored if you keep posted on this project. Please read over the completed draft, and send me your comments via e-mail or by posting comments below. Your comments will not be visible to anyone but myself.

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