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Is this good, boss?
Planning where we are and where we wanna be. Installing digital resources for testing a tablet-based bookshelf for pastors (Estante)
Invading paratroopers
Photography geeks... is this that effect from a vertical-moving horizontal shutter? I thought that was old school shutter effect, or does my iPhone lie to me with the little iris shutter graphic. Taiwan friendship bridge
I'm confused. I thought I knew where I was going.
Whale-bone garden Lab before
Lab after
Sea turtle laying eggs!
Light painting... there are dozens of these because they're so hard to get right.
Photos 1 - 100 out of 100 | Back to Albums
Description: Helping set up a learning lab and train new supervisors in Nicoya... and a few scenic stops during the trip. Photos from preparation, travel, installation, and R&R at the nearby beach.
Location: Playa Carrillo

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