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thanks for the photos Jill! My lovely nieces, thanks for driving out to see me for a few minutes!!!!
Death march up to the crosses La Suiza Centroamericana? kayla you are missed!
yes, there is a person at the top of it. que rajado miller!!
OK now we are on to Puriscal, and this is a cathedral that got a little shaken up.
cane mill. todos saben hacer la señal? yo no.
la ceiba, connecting us to the heavens.
tree hugger!
Jewelry class
that's a pretty sweet christmas present leaving for Christmas - 2 weeks in Idaho hasta luego la carpio!
la vista de arriba poas from the plane   
Photos 1 - 62 out of 62 | Back to Albums
Description: Photos I didn't get a chance to post before, too good to pass up

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